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  • Hi Meg! When I saw your post I felt moved & inspired to write you. I would love the chance to be part of something that will hopefully inspire other women as well! Whether or not I am chosen to be one of your featured, I think it’s amazing you are doing this & I will be very interested to see the stories of other strong women told through your photography.

    What makes me feel strong is when I’m working on a DIY home fixer-upper project. With tools out & country music on, I’m able to maintain & improve my older house & feel I’m making it a “home”. What makes this even more meaningful to me is the fact that when I bought this house a year ago, I was accomplishing a long term goal & fulfilling my dream of buying a house so my kids could have a place like this to grow up in. Doing it on my own as a single mother with a self employment income (from my company called “Uniquely Scentual”) was a challenge & took several years of strict budgeting to save enough money, but was well worth it. It’s only been a year, but we’ve already shared many good memories here & look forward to making more! I like to think I’m showing my daughter that running a business, raising children, & owning/maintaining a home (even if it’s on your own) is all possible if you’re a strong woman!

    Thank you & hope to talk soon, Melissa

    May 07, 2018

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