Shamos Family: Family Portrait Session, Standish Maine.

I first met little Ruby over a year ago when I was taking her pre-school pictures… isn’t she a doll?shamos-family_31

A few weeks ago I returned for this year’s round of school pictures, and also got to meet sweet sister, Cece. Can you even handle that little face?


And then together? It is cuteness overload, don’t you think?


Last week, I got to spend an hour with the entire Shamos family. We met at their alma mater, which is also one of my very favorite places to shoot, St. Joseph’s College in Standish, Maine. The temperature was more September than November, and the light was distinctly late fall. A completely magical combination.

We only spent an hour together, but we captured at east a trillion perfect images. We walked and talked and told silly jokes and made funny faces. We danced (and fell down), changed into Ruby slippers, and even smooched a time or two.

Here are just a few more favorites from our session:


Now comes the fun part. Ashley and Andy get to choose what pictures they get to look at every day. Because pictures that sit on a hard drive do not make your home more beautiful. Can I say that again?Because pictures that sit on a hard drive do not make your home more beautiful.

The Shamos’ are going to print their pictures.

Maybe a large canvases that will remind them of these fleeting days. Small pictures for the windowsill over the sink, so they can look at these precious faces when they are elbow deep in the dishes. Maybe an ornament to mark the holidays. Maybe Christmas cards to send to friends near and far, to spread joy in this complicated world. Maybe an album of every single picture to look back at during the, um, challenging teen years (not that I know anything about that).

Thank you Shamos family. You’re fantastic.


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